A Faith Not Worth Fighting For, edited by Tripp York and Justin Bronson Barringer

August 9, 2012

The editors and contributors to this volume believe that the practice of nonviolence is at the center of what it means to follow Jesus. They do not present an argument for Christian nonviolence so much as answer questions and objections which have long been put to Christian pacifists, such as: Isn’t pacifism passive? What about the protection of third-party innocents? What would you do if someone were attacking a loved one? What about Hitler? Must Christian pacifists reject police force? What about war and violence in the Old Testament? The contributors to the book come from Methodist, Wesleyan, nondenominational, Church of Christ, Catholic and  Episcopal traditions as well as the peace churches. The authors stand upon the shoulders of John Howard Yoder, Walter Wink and Stanley Hauerwas.