Like Crazy

December 28, 2011


Like Crazy is a love story about an American boy (Anton Yelchin) and an English girl (Felicity Jones) who meet in their final year of college in Los Angeles, fall in love and opt to spend the summer together in the States before she returns to London. But the fact that she violates the terms of her student visa to linger with him after graduation haunts them. When she tries to return as a tourist, she's turned away at the airport, and even after they marry in London the British embassy can't erase the black mark against her at the visa office.

The film is about how separation corrupts romance. It's sometimes poignant, and the director, Drake Doremus, has an instinct for subtle mood shifts and a real skill for working with actors. If only he were a better technician; he keeps relying on cinematic clichés. And if only he and Ben York Jones had written a real script—this one barely sketches in the characters and their on-again, off-again relationship.

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