In a moment . . .

                 1 Corinthians 15:52 

Wasted fifteen minutes and more  
watching a loon this early autumn afternoon.  
Just sat there on the hindmost step of our flight  
down to the shore—high tide inching  
ever closer to my L.L.Beans—  
gazing out across the moorings,  
when I could have . . . should have  
been busy clearing out the shed  
to store our island car over the winter.  
The jet black of the bird’s sleek head,  
dazzling white of breast and checkered flank, 
the sheer bulk of the dark body  
a steady, calm sufficiency, utter completeness,  
life itself, no less, embodied, splendid,  
full across those placid waters.  
I had wished, at first, for binoculars and camera,  
elaborate tools to seize and hold the moment.  
Then deliberate, slow, and sure, the moment captured me,  
guided me silent—no longer a mere moment—  
all the way along and through to everlasting.