Notes from the Global Church

church service in Ghana

Philip Jenkins charts developments in the Two-Thirds World

Once upon a time—and not long ago—there was another Europe. The religious story of communist Europe, in which Christians suffered horrific persecutions, is forgotten by most Americans today.
November 18, 2011
Here is my unscientific rule: if Martin Luther treated a biblical book with disdain, then that book is really popular in modern Africa.
October 27, 2011
The persistence of a rigorously orthodox Protestant area in the Netherlands must make us rethink our generalizations about the state of religion in Europe.
September 29, 2011
When documentaries ex­plore Christianity, they have little difficulty finding diverse manifestations of faith and practice. A global survey also reveals a surprising diversity when it comes to the content of the Bible.
August 31, 2011
Western Chris­tians seem neither to know nor care about the catastrophe that has unfolded before them in the ancient heartlands of their faith.
August 2, 2011
When we look at Mormon expansion in Africa, one pressing question demands attention: Why is the whole continent not already Mormon?
June 29, 2011
The Zion Christian Church—an African-initiated church that's powerful in South Africa—traces its origins to John Alexander Dowie, a 19th-century Scottish spiritual entrepeneur who founded the city Zion, Illinois.
June 9, 2011
Fiji has long been known to West­erners mainly as an exotic tourist destination. In re­cent years, though, the country has ac­quired a troubling reputation for religious and ethnic confrontations.
May 13, 2011