Growing up as a cradle Presbyterian and a preacher’s kid, Presbyterianism was my sociocultural world. When my father got angry with me or my sister, he would often preface his remarks with the exasperated endearment, “Child of the covenant!”
April 23, 2015

Among the hearty New Englanders with whom I serve and pastor, there are a few souls who refuse to close church on account of bad weather, ever. The Lord God created shovels and road salt and boots and wool socks as sure signs of the Almighty’s intention that we go to church. Some of these pastors hold deep theological convictions that the people of God should gather for worship every Sunday in rain, snow, sleet, or hail. Others are just defiant Yankee curmudgeons who would rather be assigned to eternal damnation than admit defeat by a winter storm. Whatever the motivation, I love this stubborn streak within the church.
March 9, 2015

This is a document drafted by Michael Breininger, senior pastor of Richland Center Fellowship in Wisconsin, in his capacity as president of the Richland County Ministerial Association; it was adopted by the RCMA. Read more about the RCMA and the friendship between Breininger and Five Points Lutheran Church pastor Larry Engel in Debra Bendis's article "No Longer Strangers."
April 2, 2014

Jeffrey Gros, one of the liveliest and most penetrating ecumenical thinkers I ever encountered, died earlier this month. A conversation with Jeff was always illuminating as well as a bit disorienting, for he had the many voices of global Christianity freshly cataloged in his brain.
August 22, 2013