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Why Easter means more to me now

From my newsletter piece for the church where I moonlight as a musician:

Each week at the evening service, we gather around the table for communion. The words of our prayers there include these ones, which we sing:

           Christ has died.
           Christ is risen.
           Christ will come again.

It’s a concise statement of the core of Christ’s work of salvation—past, present, and future. There’s a stereotype that we more progressive Christians tend to downplay this stuff: that our interest in Jesus is mostly about his teaching, that if we do talk about something like the resurrection it’s only to debate whether it’s historically plausible. But I’m a lot less interested in evidence for the resurrection than I am in what the thing means. And I have learned, to my surprise and delight, that it actually means more to me now than it once did—before my faith took a bit of a leftward turn.

Read the rest at the Holy Covenant UMC site.

Steve Thorngate

The Century managing editor is also a church musician and songwriter.

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