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The most-read Century Blogs posts

Here are the year's most-read posts by the Century editors and guest bloggers. (Listed separately: the top posts from the CCblogs network, Carol Howard Merritt's blogSteve Thorngate's blog and weekly blog feature Then & Now.) Thanks for reading.

1) Why is this video so powerful? by Jason Byassee. “You can tell Mumford's impact by the vitriol of the band's many critics.”

2) Welcoming Disciples, by Lee Hull Moses. “I sometimes envy my ecumenical colleagues whose denominations have already fought this out, voted and moved on. We Disciples don’t work that way.”

3) Embracing the collar, by Shawnthea Monroe. “'What's with the collar?' asked a UCC colleague. 'Did you lose a bet?' I smiled and explained that this was my Lenten discipline: wearing a collar for 40 days.”

4) Remembering Will Campbell, by Frank G. Honeycutt.Campbell got into trouble in lots of different ways. As a seminarian, I was particularly impressed that he dared to drink whiskey with the Klan.

5) When Antoinette Tuff saw a gunman as a human being, by Bromleigh McCleneghan. “Michael Brandon Hill walked into the office of a large elementary school on Tuesday, armed to the teeth. Tuff saw Hill as a hurting young man, and she responded by engaging him in conversation.”

6) My companion at table, by Martha Spong. “My daughter and I talk and Skype and text. We know when we will see each other next. But I miss her most on Sundays.”

7) Christmas music, Advent words, by Katherine Willis Pershey. “My first Advent as a pastor, I was mildly horrified that the church’s songs and sanctuary didn’t match the biblical and liturgical tradition. Now I’m kind of horrified by the ideological neophyte that I was.”

8) Macklemore's theology, by Tyler Day. “A theology professor of mine liked to remind our class that everyone’s a theologian. I don’t think he meant that everyone’s a particularly good theologian.”

9) Why I'm trying the Narrative Lectionary this fall, by Lee Hull Moses. "I was not looking forward to diving back into the RCL texts this fall. Nor was I eager to go off on my own and do something thematic."

10) What I heard at the National Prayer Breakfast, by Richard A. Kauffman. “Other than the scripture readings, an off-the-cuff Obama remark was the most truthful thing I heard at the prayer breakfast.”

11) Why a writing workshop did more for my preaching than a preaching conference, by Teri McDowell Ott. "I had been writing so poorly, I no longer felt the need to impress. So I loosened up and wrote with abandon, freeing myself from my overly pious pulpit."

12) Another Jesus clone? by Gregory Walter. “Nearly every comic about Jesus attempts to clone him. Sean Murphy offers a more explicit reproduction.”

13) A toast for Robert Farrar Capon, by Denise Frame Harlan. “The first time I heard Capon’s words, I saw visions.”