So, Sen. Paul filibustered and received brief assurances that at least there are some limits to the Obama adminstration's policy of targeted assassination. Alex Kane—in a Short Imagined Monologue, one of my favorite humor features at McSweeney's Internet Tendencyspells out some others. I for one would be reassured if the White House actually said this:

I have to say, not only as President Obama’s press secretary but also as an American citizen, that I am dismayed that all of your questions have focused on the secret list of individuals approved to be executed via drone strike. I am more than a little disappointed that none of you have asked the more optimistic question: Who is not on President Obama’s kill list?

Betty White is not on the list. Bob Costas is not on the list. Do you enjoy the show Mad Men? No one who has ever appeared on that show is going to be taken out by this administration.

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Steve Thorngate

The Century managing editor is also a church musician and songwriter.

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