Women in ministry

April 17, 2012
DeRosia and the Girlfriends' Clergy Companion

While the war on women seems to be raging, with many religious leaders in the helm, there are also many women who are working in ministry, in spite of subtle and not-so-subtle resistence. In the last few weeks, I've been writing and talking with people about this in different venues as well as working behind-the-scenes on a few projects.

I visited Ed Cyzewski's Blog, In a Mirror Dimly. He's been hosting a Women in Ministry Series, highlighting the ministries of different women. I talked about Navigating the Fullness of God's Calling.

I also talked to Melissa DeRosia on God Complex Radio. Melissa co-authored The Girlfriends' Clergy Companion (I wrote the foreword), a realistic and practical guide to entering the ministry. If you're graduating from seminary and entering your first call, it's an honest look at all those things they didn't know to tell you about being a pastor. 

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