The Century's sort-by-lectionary-day tool exists primarily as a way of organizing past Living by the Word columns and Blogging toward Sunday posts in a useful way. But we also put other content there--anything from the magazine or blogs that happens to deal with a given lection in a way that could plausibly be useful to a preacher or worship planner.

So, while our lectionary columnists and bloggers mostly focus on Sundays, the lectionary pages have also collected a good bit of content related to the additional holy days of the (weekly) lectionary. Nothing's come up yet to tag to the readings assigned for the Wednesday of Holy Week; Easter Vigil, with its greatest-hits approach to Old Testament narratives, we've omitted for the opposite reason. But there are pages for today, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (the Holy Saturday readings).

Some highlights: Barbara Brown Taylor on the hymn that Jesus and the disciples sing (in Mark and Matthew) after the Last Supper, Richard Lischer on Holy Week and the art of losing, a treatment of atonement theology by Mark Heim, another by the late William Placher, Eugene Peterson's Holy Saturday memories. Find it all here, and read it all by subscribing to the Century.

Steve Thorngate

The Century managing editor is also a church musician and songwriter.

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