Showing up for Holy Week

April 2, 2012

Yesterday was a long day. I'm now working not one but two part-time church-music jobs; I'm with the Lutherans by morning and the Methodists by night. Both congregations observe Palm/Passion Sunday, complete with numerous changes to the order of service, additional musical ensembles to plan and rehearse, etc. While not epic-length like an Easter Vigil, Palm/Passion is epic in scope, and it's exhausting on multiple levels.

My Lutheran church processes around the block on Palm Sunday, and it's my job to lead songs with a megaphone. An odd experience, though perhaps less so than the year I wasn't on staff and ended up leading the procession itself on horseback. I wrote a brief reflection about that strangely intense Palm Sunday. I've also posted a couple times (here and here) about experiencing Lent and Holy Week as a worship leader--about the spirituality of showing up, a lot.

I suspect my general attitude around now is shared by many who plan and lead worship services: I love Holy Week. And I'll be glad when it's over.