Right-leaning celebrity gossip since 1884

March 9, 2012

I've heard the Century referred to as moderate, center-left, progressive, left-wing--all from some who meant these labels as compliments and others who very much did not. Here's one I have not heard before: the Century is a conservative magazine.

I suppose someone on our left flank may have added us to this Wiki list to make a statement. More likely, someone who doesn't know us saw the word "Christian" in our name and assumed we must be conservative, cause that's how Christians are. Even though we were around long before this widespread assumption even existed.

Now, I'm 100 percent pro-Wikipedia--to the point where I can't even believe there's still a debate about the value of this tremendous resource--but hey, when you're wrong, you're wrong. So, the Century is conservative. If you say so, internet.

Elsewhere, a recent David Heim post resulted in this amusing specimen of the blogosphere's crude-aggregation-machine underbelly. My office is next door to David's, and I've sensed a certain giddiness: at last, he's been published on a celebrity gossip site. (Celebrity Reporter Blog readers, welcome! Please subscribe for full access to the latest, hottest scoop on theological reflection, denominational news and lectionary-based sermon aids!)