Monday digest

March 12, 2012

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New today from the Century:

  • "Virtual good and evil," by Scott R. Paeth: "Video games have the potential to aid in forming us as moral beings, for better and for worse." (subscription required)
  • "Dancing with ourselves?" by Carol Howard Merritt: "I
    do not want to minimize the struggle to make sure that we have LGBTQ
    leaders in the church. I do hope that we can turn our focus outward."
  • "Blogging toward Sunday: How to talk to Nicodemus," by Casey Thompson: "Jesus
    and Nicodemus might as well be speaking different languages. They are
    like a creationist and a paleontologist comparing notes on fossils--they
    simply can't fathom each other."
  • "Mary considers her situation," a poem by Luci Shaw


In the news:

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