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February 3, 2012

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New today (and yesterday) from the Century:

  • Brad Hill on people who hijack church meetings: "In many cases, shouting 'Elephant in the room!' is an attempt to avoid other,
    lesser, lurking creatures." (subscription required)
  • Craig Barnes on the pastor as sheepdog: "I am cherished, and called by the Shepherd to serve the flock. But I can save no one." (subscription required)
  • Amy Frykholm on the morning communion rush at the Chicago Temple: "When John Wesley sent missionaries to America, he said
    simply, 'Offer them Christ.' That's what the Chicago Temple sees itself doing,
    no questions asked."
  • Steve Thorngate on the National Prayer Breakfast: "My problem isn't simply a secularist one, i.e.
    government officials should avoid any event with a smack of
    sectarianism. What I object to is the political exploitation of the
    importance of prayer in American life."
  • Ryan Dueck on updating his religion
  • "Pietà," a poem by Maria Garriott


In the news:


Is there a way digests can be

Is there a way digests can be formatted so they show up in my Google Reader as more than:

"New today (and yesterday) from the Century.

read more"

I tend not to click through because I don't know what might be waiting for me. It would be great to have a few more scraps, to know what's included, if possible


Hi Heidi,That's a good

Hi Heidi,

That's a good suggestion. I'll have to give it some thought--the site's built so that the RSS feed picks up the same text that goes in the "teasers" that appear all over the site, and those tend not to look great with bullet points and the like. But you're right that those who read us by feed might find these digests more useful if they had more information at this first step.

Of course, we've never thought of the digest posts as aimed primarily at RSS users, because everything that goes in them also exists in our various feeds. For what it's worth, the magazine, blog and news feeds cover everything on the site, or you can drill down to narrower options.

Thanks--Steve Thorngate, web editor

Catholic Opposition to health care coverage of contraception

The Catholic Church hierarchy wants the US Government to take its side against Catholic lay women in their struggle for control of reproduction. The non-establishment clause of the First Amendment prohibits the US from playing favorites on internal religious matters. The health care law is right: let all people be covered for contraceptive and wom...en's health services, and let the Catholic hierarchy persuade their Catholic and non-Catholic employees not to avail themselves of such services--as they are religiously free to do. Attempts to have the law exempt providing family planning health care benefits would involve the government in establishing the doctrines of the present hierarchy at the expense of dissenting Catholic voices. Freedom of Religion must not be subverted by the church's attempts to get the government to show favoritism to one side or the other. Religious freedom does not allow the religious to exempt themselves from general laws that apply to all equally (cf. the CC interview a few years back with Marci Hamilton, author of God vs. the Gavel).