All the things we allegedly are

February 28, 2012

Attention mainline Protestants: a conservative Christian candidate for president would like to point out that your institutions are in decline, and that he doesn't mind because you're not Christian enough, anyway. Take that!

I enjoyed this spirited response from Sarah Morice-Brubaker:

Yes, yes, woe is the mainline! Somehow, through feats of ecclesial
failure so masterful that they defy logic, we have managed to be:

  • A narcissistic liberal echo chamber that tolerates no dissent.
  • A bunch of please-everyone spineless wimps who stand for nothing except vague and gooey middle-class niceness.
  • Clueless 19th-century rationalist holdovers who still believe it’s
    possible to look at things objectively because, I don’t know, our
    schooling was so full of Moustache Grooming 101, practicums in The Care
    of Tweed Frock Coats, and private lessons in Somber Intonation that we
    simply never got around to critiques of modernity, or something.

Pretty impressive, no? An outside observer might remark that those three criticisms appear to conflict with each other.

Read it all.

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