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January 10, 2012

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New today from the Century:

  • Stephanie Paulsell on the community worship life at Harvard Divinity School: "When I first came to Harvard, the weekly
    worship service was recognizably Protestant but flexible and welcoming. Over the years, our students have urged us toward
    new ways of gathering."

  • David Heim on Rick Santorum and subsidiarity: "The subsidiarity
    principle is far from a slam-dunk argument against state intervention in
    schools, corporations or families. It is, instead, an argument for appropriate
    state intervention. So what's appropriate?
  • Cynthia Weems's lectionary column for Sunday, January 22: "We read the gospel stories describing the call of the disciples and
    wonder many things:  Did it really happen this quickly? Were the
    fishermen that taken with Jesus, or were they so dissatisfied with
    fishing that they left in a rush to follow? Did neither father nor
    mother make a fuss about their departure?" (subscription required)
  • Steve Thorngate on campaign journalism and sports betting: "Along with the production demands of campaign journalism, political journalists--especially those with
    some space for opinion in their writing--have some additional
    incentives: at one level they're like gamblers, playing with not
    straight-up cash but the currency of their own credibility."
  • Lou Carlozo briefly reviews Mockingbird Time, by the Jayhawks, which often features "a slipstream, jangling rhythm that makes it a delight."


In the news:

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