"Seriously. Are you a Baptist?"

January 11, 2012

This "Which denomination are you?" flowchart from Lutheran Satire has been making the rounds this week. It's more than a little unfair to pretty much everyone who isn't a high-church Lutheran, but the digs are too outlandish to take seriously. And it's pretty funny, in a church-nerd sort of way:

Larger version here.



It may be my 52 year old eyes, but I can't read it enough to "get it."


And I'm a Catholic.  Who is attending a Luthern church.  Who volunteers.  And no one knows I'm Catholic.  (Bwahaha.  You've been infiltrated.  I know what Lutherns say behind closed doors... ;-) )


Toooootally debating whether reposting this on Facebook with the following questions would be appropriate:

So..... do you get it?

No, I'm not a Christian.

No, I'm the type of Christian who answers the "Church on Sunday?" question with "Why?  Is it Easter?"

Yes.  Hilarious.

No!  Totally inappropriate!

I'm Catholic and I concede it is, in fact, a funny hat.

"The Antichrist"?  Let it goooo, Lutherns.

Wait, you're Catholic???

Holy cow.  How did they figure out that I'm a member of the Assembly of the Church of Whatever It Is?  How creepy!

I'm 7th Day Adventist/Pentacostal/Unitarian/Quaker and I'm bummed they didn't even include us!

I'm Unitarian/Quaker and I'm glad they didn't include us because we're not really Christians...  Well, we're not not Christians, either... it's... complicated.