Monday digest

January 17, 2012

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New today from the Century:

  • Carol Howard Merritt on MLK and vocation: "Martin Luther King Jr. said that 'work is love made visible.' May we speak this truth to all of our careerism and all of our greed. May it be the standard by which we measure our vocations."
  • Merritt on seminary student debt: "You might be on a committee that thinks that a candidate needs that
    extra training before they ought to be ordained. If you are, then let me tell you something
    that the seminary student under your care can’t tell you: students can’t
    afford it any longer."
  • Philip Jenkins on new Christians in Israel: "The Christian population in Israel has begun to swell again, drawing on wholly different sources than in the past." (subscription required)
  • Barbara Melosh reviews two books on stuff and hoarding: "The average house size
    has nearly doubled since 1970. Yet self-storage units, once nearly
    nonexistent, are a booming business."
  • Dora Dueck on The Iron Lady and dementia
  • Cynthia Weems blogs the lectionary for this Sunday
  • Gretchen Ziegenhals's magazine lectionary column for Sunday, January 29 (subscription required)


In the news:

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