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New today from the Century:

  • An interview with ecologist Sandra Steingraber: "Chemical trespass and climate change are often dealt with by two
    separate groups of environmentalists. I am interested in bringing these
    two together." (subscription required)

  • Debra Bendis reviews Steingraber's book: "It's time for the talk, says Sandra Steingraber: the talk about the pollutants that are
    infiltrating our lives and threatening the health of all of us,
    especially our children." (subscription required)
  • Ryan Dueck on Christopher Hitchens, who died today: "The thing I appreciated most about Hitchens was the strong
    element of moral protest that characterized his atheism. He expected
    better--from God, from religious institutions and from those who claimed
    to have some divinely inspired insight into the nature and purpose of
    the cosmos."
  • Steve Thorngate on food drives: "There's something powerful about donating actual food for people to eat.
    Of course, it'd be far more effective to just write a check."
  • John Petrakis reviews Martha Marcy May Marlene, which "is at its best in showing both how the attractive and easily swayed
    Martha is won over by the structure, discipline, camaraderie and faux
    gentleness of the cult community."


In the news: