Wednesday digest

November 23, 2011

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New today from the Century:

  • Kathleen Hirsch on Advent with a toddler: "I decided our family's
    Christmas would be simple and spirit-centered. Green to parenting, I
    defined spiritual as anything that allowed me a minute to reflect on what, beyond the laundry, mattered." (subscription required)
  • Beverly Roberts Gaventa's seven-word gospel: "In Christ, God's 'yes' defeats our 'no'."
  • Steve Thorngate on the Democrats' improved bargaining position over the federal budget: "As ineffectual as Congress is, there’s one time you can count on it to
    rise above do-nothing-ness: when it’s approaching the can it kicked down
    the road earlier."
  • Robin Lovin reviews Amos Yong: "Pentecostalism expanded from a small
    revival movement to a global presence comparable in its extent and
    variety to Roman Catholicism or Anglicanism. Yet few people in
    mainstream U.S. churches know much about it." (subscription required)
  • Adam Copeland raises some questions about Thanksgiving: "Giving whom? Giving thanks....for what?"


In the news: