Tuesday digest

November 29, 2011

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New today from the Century:

  • The editors on domestic poverty: "A record number of Americans are poor. And by any measure, the poverty rate is rising."
  • Bill Goettler's lectionary column for Sunday, December 11: "These are days of harsh political rhetoric. Political factions insist
    not only on the goodness of their own ideas but also on the dramatic
    failure of their opponents' ideas. We might be in Advent, but this is no
    season for understanding or for mutual forbearance in our civil
    discourse." (subscription required)
  • An Advent reflection by Donna Schaper: "Advent is the season of the showing. Sure of the growth within us, we know that things are about to change."
  • Donald W. Shriver summarizes the gospel in seven words or less: "Divinely persistent, God really loves us."


In the news:

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