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Highlights from my Facebook wall's Occupy preoccupation

This video started making the rounds last week, presenting a clever idea for communicating with the big banks at their expense. The video itself is pretty entertaining, too:



Meanwhile, some of the more affecting "I am the 99%" photos have been circulating on Facebook and elsewhere. Here's one from an Iraq war vet; here's one from a man hit hard by the economic collapse, a cancer diagnosis and our broken health-care system. ("I am alive because I'm unemployed," he writes. "Does any of this make sense?") Every time someone argues that the Occupy movement is just hippies or anarchists or communists or lazy students or entitled yuppies or fill-in-the-blank dismissive label, someone else should show them pictures like these.

Finally, it was inevitable: Kim Kardashian is "the 0.01%."

Steve Thorngate

The Century managing editor is also a church musician and songwriter.

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