Guest Post

The last day and the day after that

I first heard that the rapture would be
happening this Saturday via billboard outside Boston. I had no idea,
though I do try to stay informed.

Apparently, a California-based radio
preacher has been studying his Bible and running the numbers, like so many
before him. He's determined that May 21 is in fact the day that we've all been
waiting for.

This has launched a campaign by an also
California-based graphic artist to declare May 22 as the day for an earthwide
post-rapture party. (You can RSVP via Facebook.) This party will be for
"Freethinkers, Hedonists, Humanists, Whoever, you know who you are. The Left

While I did receive an invitation to the
post-Rapture party, I somehow feel like I don't belong there either. I feel
left out of both parties. It's like junior high all over again.

Amy Frykholm

The Century contributing editor is the author of five books, including Wild Woman: A Footnote, the Desert, and my Quest for an Elusive Saint.

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