Church of England aims for women bishops before 2016

July 9, 2013

The Church of England’s governing body reaffirmed its commitment to consecrate women bishops with the aim of reaching final approval on the issue no later than November 2015.

Meeting in York on July 5–9, the General Synod agreed to consider new draft legislation by November this year. It was last November when, to the surprise of most of the British public, draft legislation to create women bishops narrowly failed to secure the requisite majority.

The meeting marks the first time that the new archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, is in the hot seat on the question. Opponents are resigned to women bishops—but they are insisting on firm guarantees that they can be looked after by male priests and bishops.

Those supporting women as bishops fear such concessions would mean a woman bishop would not have full authority in her own diocese. —RNS

This article was edited on July 19, 2013.