An elephant in the room? How meeting agendas get hijacked: How meeting agendas get hijacked

"When are we going to talk about the elephant in the room?" asked Susannah. Members of the church council looked at each other. "What elephant?" each person thought. Nobody wanted to seem dense and admit that he didn't see an elephant.

"The pastor was seen with another woman in a restaurant over on Fifth Street," Susannah volunteered. "Two women from our church were out shopping and looked in the restaurant window and saw them. He had his hand over hers and their heads were close together. One of the women pulled out her cell phone and snapped the picture." Susannah passed the photo around.

"There might be an elephant in this room," retorted another council member, "but it's not the pastor and this woman. That's his sister in the photo. I happen to know she was just diagnosed with breast cancer."