Mexican Presbyterians cut ties to PCUSA over gays

August 25, 2011

The National Presbyterian Church of Mexico has voted to end its
139-year relationship with the Presby­terian Church (U.S.A.), in
response to the U.S. church's decision earlier this year to allow the
ordination of sexually active gays and lesbians.

According to
Presbyterian News Service, the decision came on a 116 to 22 vote of the
Mexican church assembly on August 19. It was feared that the action
would jeopardize the work of 11 U.S. church mission co-workers in
Mexico, including service along the U.S.-Mexican border and short-term
congregational mission trips to Mexico.

Mexican delegates at the
special three-day assembly also voted not to reestablish any
relationship with the U.S. church unless the change is rescinded.

delegates, representing nearly 2 million members, also reconfirmed the
church's policy against the ordination of women by a resounding margin,
158 to 14. In addition, the assembly voted 103 to 55 not to allow any
grace period for presbyteries that had, on their own, already begun
ordaining women. That vote means that any pres­bytery which has already
ordained women must immediately revoke those ordinations. —ENInews

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