Nearly 1,000 Anglicans converting to Catholicism

March 15, 2011

LONDON (RNS/ENInews) More than 900 Anglicans formally expressed a desire
to convert to Catholicism at special services held at Westminster
Cathedral -- including the first Anglicans to join a new branch of the
Catholic Church.

The annual ceremonies held last weekend (March 12-13), included 62
adults who will become Catholics as part of the Personal Ordinariate of
Our Lady of Walsingham.

Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster, who is the head of the
Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales, presided.

The "personal ordinariate" was set up by Pope Benedict XV1 as an
extra-geographical body for Anglican converts who left over theological
differences, including the consecration of women bishops.

"All will be `sent forth' by their bishops to prepare to be received
into the church in parishes across the Diocese of Westminster at Easter
2011," Eddie Tulasiewicz, of the Diocese of Westminster Communications
Office, told ENInews.