Gallup: Churches of Christ have most frequent attenders: Mainline denominations report lower participation

A new analysis by the Gallup Organization finds that Churches of Christ members and Mormons are most likely to attend worship services often, according to questions asked of those members between 2002 and 2005.

Pollsters found that 68 percent of Churches of Christ members said they attend services at least once a week or almost every week, followed by 67 percent of Mormons who said they followed the same practice.

The Princeton, New Jersey–based research organization, releasing its data April 14, said it found that denominations known for conservative theology have higher reported attendance than those that are traditionally considered mainline denominations.

For example, 60 percent of Southern Baptists reported attending church at least once a week or almost every week, compared to 44 percent for Methodists and Presbyterians. Forty-three percent of Lutherans and 32 percent of Episcopalians reported that same frequency of attendance. –Religion News Service