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July 12, 2005

We Know More Than Our Pastors
Tim Bednar offers an overview of church-related blogging.

If you’re looking for links to blogs on particular subjects, this is a good place to start. It sorts blogs into eight categories.

Perspective: Bloggers and Mainstream Journalism
Reflections on how traditional and new forms of media influence and are influenced by faith and culture.

The Matthew’s House Project
Explores the “intersection of faith and culture,” with special interest in literature and the arts.

Roster of Blogging Pastors
Presbyterian pastor Mark Roberts hosts a list of blogging pastors. Already a blogger? Add your own site to the list!

One House: An Exploration of the Contemplative Life
Well-organized musings on books, hospitality, work, Benedictine spirituality, gardening and many other aspects of daily life and faith. The site is easy to navigate and the writing style is friendly and engaging.

Seattle pastor Karen Ward of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is interested in “blogs, movies, travel, monasticism, daily office prayer, thinking.” Her casual and helpful writings on missional work within and outside of denominational gatherings are accompanied by a strong list of links to like-minded bloggers.

Open Source Theology
Andrew Perriman has “combined theological research and writing with an ad hoc, haphazard, unconventional, opportunistic pastoral and missionary function” on multiple continents. The articles, book reviews, discussion forums and links provide an excellent overview of the Emergent church.
Attorney and Lutheran layperson David Truland created this blog to “encourage people of faith to follow God’s command to do justice, love kindness and walk humbly.”

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