Matt talks to the writer and Yale Divinity School faculty member about poetry in preaching, whether scripture has unique revelatory power, naming the despair of churchgoers, and the centrality of Christ. 
October 25, 2015

Matt talks to the Judson Memorial Church pastor about her childhood in the LCMS, the unique challenges of preaching in New York, and instances when a pastoral care matter makes it straight into a sermon.
October 18, 2015

Matt talks to the Duke professor and former UMC bishop about resisting the temptation to close the gap between the Bible’s strange claims and a congregation’s expectations, and about following a really good preacher into a new church.
October 11, 2015

Matt talks to the cofounder of Chicago's Urban Village UMC about the blessings and dangers of charisma, the gifts people in 12-step recovery bring to the pulpit, and what happens when your parents want you to be a doctor and God wants you to be a preacher. 
October 4, 2015