Dietrich Bonhoeffer, by Eberhard Bethge, edited by Victoria J. Barnett

May 23, 2000

The new English translation of Bethge's 1970 biography, skillfully rendered by Barnett, includes all corrections and revisions of earlier editions. As a result, the edifying story of a remarkable 20th-century Christian life is now available in even greater detail. At 941 pages it's not a quick read, but Bethge offers a compelling account of a complex man. While nothing replaces the power of Bon­hoeffer's own writings, Bethge's work has a poignant power of its own. For Bonhoeffer students, the most significant news may be that the endnotes have been updated. The notes now refer to the English translations of the 15-volume German edition of Bonhoeffer's complete works, which are now appearing, also from Fortress.