A missing argument

March 9, 2009

The author, who teaches preaching and worship at Bethany Theological Seminary, Richmond, Indiana, brings a preacher’s sensitivity to the first Gospel. And while she looks at the Gospel in its entirety, she highlights those portions of the text used in year B of the Revised Common Lectionary, making this an excellent resource for pastors and others who use the lectionary.

This is no “Lincoln for Dummies.” In 96 quickly paced pages a leading Lincoln scholar gives the reader a quick overview of our 16th president’s life and contributions to the country. McPherson whets the reader’s appetite for more, making his bibliographical essay suggesting further reading quite beneficial. (At the other end of the spectrum lengthwise, a future Century issue will have a review of Ronald C. White Jr.’s 816-page A. Lincoln: A Biography.)

This is a very practical guide for people considering going to seminary, including tips on how to choose a seminary, how to finance a seminary education, what to take once you’re there, and issues to consider upon graduating, such as career choice and ordination. This would be an excellent book to read before attending one of the many exploration days offered by seminaries to prospective students.