Queering Contemplation

Episode 3: Queerness is Magic with the Rev. Mihee Kim-Kort

The Rev. Mihee Kim-Kort (she/they) is a Presbyterian minister, agitator, speaker, writer, and slinger of hopeful stories about faith and church. Her writing and commentary can be found in the New York Times, TIME, BBC World Service, USA Today, Huffington Post, Christian Century, On Being, Sojourners, Faith and Leadership, The Revealer, and Religion Dispatches. (Links to some of her work can be found here.) In 2021, she was named one of Center for American Progress’s “21 Faith Leaders to watch.” She is co-pastor with her spouse of First Presbyterian Church in Annapolis, MD and a doctoral candidate in Religious Studies at Indiana University. Her book, Outside the Lines: How Embracing Queerness Will Transform Your Faith, was released in 2018. 



Cassidy S. Hall (she/her), MA, MDiv, MTS, is an author, award-winning filmmaker, podcaster, and leading voice in contemplative spirituality. She is the cohost of the Encountering Silence podcast and the creator of the Contemplating Now and Queering Contemplation podcasts. Her films include In Pursuit of Silence and Day of a Stranger. Cassidy is widely published and currently resides in Indianapolis, where she is studying for her DMin degree. You can support her and her work here.