foreign policy

Andrew Bacevich, professor of international relations at Boston University, uses strong words to describe what is going on in the U.S. He speaks of a “crisis of profligacy,” “collective recklessness” and a “dysfunctional country.” He says our political system empowers an “imperial presidency” and possesses “delusions of grandeur.” This is surprising commentary from a onetime military man who was a soldier’s soldier.
August 11, 2009

What if, after the September 11 attacks, things had been done differently? What if President Bush had addressed the nation by saying, "My fellow Americans: Everything in us cries out for revenge. It would be easy to give in to this cry, and I'm sure you would support me if I mobilized our troops to hunt down the terrorists and those who helped them. But I propose another route, one that links us in our vulnerability to the other peoples of this world."
January 9, 2007