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A space where we can learn about white supremacy and the church together

Join me in June to learn about Racism and the Church together

I'm looking forward to this June, since I will have the opportunity to lead a week-long seminar entitled 'Subverting White Supremacy'. From a Christian standpoint, participants and I will collectively graple with the evident and veiled ways that racial hierarchy has directed the life and thought of the Church in the West, and then we will conceive together new ways of belonging in and around Jesus that disrupt, subvert, and unsettle these hidden realities. 

Participants that attend my seminar can expect, along with all the other great programming and events that are part of the Summer Institute, to engage in thoughtful reflection and dialogue that takes seriously a "thick" understanding of racism while also exploring practices and ways of being that offer us deliverance from this vicious cycle. 

I have been leading seminars with local churches and community groups locally and around the country, but I am particularly looking forward to this opportunity to dialogue intimately with participants over a more extended 5-Day seminar of co-learning. Then those that are willing to invest time and energy can seriously struggle over the ever present and pervasive problem of race and racism that inhabits the logics of the church. While we won't solve all the world's problems, we will be more equipped to identify and name the lie of white supremacy in its everyday manifestations, and then reimagine and embody, a more faithful way of gathering and bearing witness to Jesus Christ. 

What's the cost?

Consider investing in yourself and joining me and other participants in this important work. You will also benefit from all the other great speakers that will be present for The Summer Institute for Reconcilation. How much does it cost? The website says, "Due to a generous grant, registration fees for the 2016 Summer Institute for Reconciliation continue to be $500, which includes the cost of most meals. Please note that lodging, transportation and campus parking costs are not included in the $500 fee and are the responsiblity of the participant." It also notes that there is some partial financial aid available for active or emerging leaders that don't have the resources. But this price is not unreasonable for a 5 - Day seminar.

A summary of the Summer Institute for Reconciliation 

"The Summer Institute for Reconciliation blends plenary talks given by preeminent scholars and practitioners in the fields of theology and reconciliation, small group seminars led by world-class educators and practitioners, and ecumenical Christian worship to create a rich, vibrant week focused on growing together as scholars and practitioners of reconciliation. Plenary speakers, seminar teachers and worship leaders use scriptural interpretation, theology, and story-telling to weave a rich tapestry of reflection that is theological, contextual and practical."

"Participants who attend the seminars, lectures and worship services will receive Continuing Education Units (CEU). The intended purpose of these CEUs is to help fulfill continuing education needs of clergy and institutional leaders served by the mission of Duke Divinity School."
The dates for the Institute are Monday, June 6, 2016 - 3:00pm to Friday, June 10, 2016 - 9:00pm, and the deadline to register is May 1st. 
Here is the link for more information or to register: https://divinity.duke.edu/events/summer-institute-reconciliation#schedule

Below is my "official description" of the seminar. If you have questions about my seminar leave comments below or through my contact Drew page and I will try to answer them. Peace.

Subverting White Supremacy: An Anti-Racism Theory and Theological Ethics Approach
Though the church is supposed to be the visible manifestation of Christ’s presence on earth, in America such a witness has been vandalized by the church’s ongoing entanglements with racism. Seeking quick fixes, American Christians have frequently sought to jump too quickly to proclaiming unity, assuming that we overcame these old problems a long time ago. In actuality, the church has continued to unconsciously perpetuate racial hierarchy in its theology and gatherings, and has persisted in embodying racialized patterns, habits, and logics when it scatters throughout society. In this seminar, we will bring anti-racism theory into conversation with theological ethics, believing that Jesus’ call to discipleship can and will transform the church’s witness. By naming white supremacy and sharing stories that unveil the ways the church has been plagued by racism, we will shine a light on things that have remained in the dark for too long. And while confessing the anti-lording over others reign of Jesus, we will move forward toward concrete practices that foster a new life together alongside those that have followed Jesus on the underside of our racial hierarchy in America.  

Again, consider investing in yourself and join us for this seminar while meeting other people struggling through these important Christian problems.

Drew G. I. Hart is a professor in theology, activist, and a writer, with ten years of pastoral experience. His doctoral dissertation explored the intersections and overlaps of Black theology and Anabaptism as sources for responding to Christendom and white supremacy. Drew speaks regularly in churches, universities, conferences, and seminaries, and his recent book Trouble I’ve Seen: Changing the Way the Church Views Racism expands the church’s frameworks for understanding racism through story-telling and critical reflection, and offers Jesus-shaped practices for the journey forward. He and his family are currently living in Philadelphia. You can follow him on twitter @DruHart, on Facebook, and can order his book on amazon.

Drew G. I. Hart

Drew G. I. Hart is an author and professor in theology and ethics. His blog Taking Jesus Seriously is hosted by the Century.

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