Other people saying things

December 11, 2014

"I do question whether belief is a productive framework for this story, because it suggests faith in something that lies outside the bounds of human knowledge. To put claims of rape in this category is to buy the idea that rape reports are by nature ambiguous, and that feelings override facts."

"When The Bell Curve excerpt was published, one of my professors handed out the issue to every interested student. This was not a compliment. This was knowing your enemy."

"This is a story that begins when Bill Clinton embraced the law-and-order policies of his Republican predecessors. Let's review."

“If racism isn’t the topic of conversation in every church this morning, what the hell kind of church do we have?

"He only made some things that can talk."

"Reports on Twitter showed that protestors had shut down everything from Grand Central to a highway in Dallas. Onscreen, Walken, as Captain Hook, joylessly threw Michael Darling’s Teddy bear into the ocean."

"I thought to leave this blank \ but who am I to name us nothing?"

"Do you understand that when my brother and I watched Starsky & Hutch growing up, I would play Starsky and he would play Hutch? I don't want to play f—ing Huggy Bear. This is not a historical drama."

"It’s ironic that the Internet is the one topic that reliably makes Sorkin reach for the CAPS LOCK button like a blog commenter."

"It's times like this that I wish we had a black President with a constitutional law background and nothing left lose."

If you become an intern who accidentally stumbles on me, then I will become a raw piece of cauliflower on a snack platter at a community gathering, which no one will eat.”

"To accept existence as it is and still find joy in it. To become the absurd hero of Candyland."

"You have a conversation with a woman. It feels important, but you can’t figure out why. You marry her son."

"Not only is Saving Christmas being expanded to 100 more theaters this weekend, putting the Christ back in 'Christ, there’s nothing good playing,' now it’s even expanding to your kitchen.

"I will accept whatever refund you elect to provide, be it $4 or $12, but I accept that refund without prejudice to my rights as provided by law."