Then & Now

The most-read Then & Now posts

Here are this year's most-read posts from Then & Now, a weekly blog feature by historians of religion.

1) Molly Worthen on Billy Graham and the fracture of American evangelicalism

2) Kate Bowler on the American megachurch and the Christmas prosperity gospel

3) Randall Balmer on Exodus International and times when evangelicals change with the culture

4) Scott Poole on Satan in The Bible

5) Martin E. Marty on the mainline and moving from declinism to discovery

6) Kelly J. Baker on our habit of calling religions evil

7) Randall Balmer on C. Everett Koop and the religious right

8) Sarah Barringer Gordon on the other side of religious liberty and same-sex marriage

9) Matt Hedstrom on when the mainline told us what to read

10) Julie Byrne on Catholics who don't have popes

11) Matt Hedstrom on religion vs. religions

12) Yolanda Pierce on slavery and religious rhetoric

13) Margaret Blair Young on Mormonism and race