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Here are this year's most popular bloggers and posts from the CCblogs network. Thanks to all CCbloggers for blogging and to everyone for reading.

1) MaryAnn McKibben Dana laments the times when bad theology happens to good people

2) Steve Pankey doubts that Thomas doubted

3) Yes, says David Lewicki, churches should teach. But what?

4) God is not Chris Brundage's father

5) April Yamasaki maintains that sometimes it is about the nail

6) Drew McIntyre appreciates a letter from one celebrity to another

7) Why the Zimmerman verdict made Crystal St. Marie Lewis want to escape

8) For Debra Dean Murphy, Halloween is all about hospitality

9) Gail Irwin tells you whether to sell your church building

10) Martha-Lynn Corner takes notice of the pain of ministry

11) Diane Roth sees faith formation happening all through life

12) Allan Bevere defends the Trinity

13) For David Henson, Pentecost is a divine protest