Meredith Gould: Social Media Gospel

July 22, 2013

I always savor the chance to speak with Dr. Meredith Gould. She is a sociologist who has written nine books. She is also deeply in love with the church. We used to live in the same general area (before I moved to Chattanooga), so I would drive to her apartment for home-made soup and advice. We would also finagle chances to speak at events together.

Thankfully, since she's so enmeshed with social media, I don't have to feel far away. She frequently gives help for church leaders to navigate their digital strategies and she started a Twitter-based ecumenical social media chat, so that people can share wisdom with one another. 

Last week, her insightful and practical book, The Social Media Gospel: Sharing the Good News in New Ways, came out, so Derrick Weston and I had a chance to talk with her on God Complex Radio.

You can listen to the interview here, or download it on iTunes.