Wednesday digest

December 14, 2011

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New today (and yesterday) from the Century:

  • William Bole on the indignity of gross inequality: "Which view of economic inequality has greater merit, Adam Smith's or the
    Bible's? It's a trick question: the two are broadly the same."

  • Debra Bendis on an Advent retreat: "I found myself
    staring at the wall. I'd done two- and three-day retreats, but this was four
    days alone in a cottage, and the stretch of time was unnerving."
  • James McCarty on Jesus Christ, occupier: "Historically speaking, there is a nearly
    universally accepted answer among scholars as to why Jesus was killed: because he occupied the temple."
  • Henry Langknecht's lectionary column for Christmas Day: "Mary didn't give birth to an avatar or a name or an idea. Mary didn't
    give birth to a host of representative samples of humanity's diversity. . . . Jesus already and only looks like Jesus."
  • "Stocking for the storm," a poem by Jeanne Murray Walker


In the news:

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