What are you hoping to
read this summer? We posed this question to the
Century staff, a group of people with diverse tastes
and interests. Along with commenting on our choices, feel free to post your own
in the comments. --Ed.

The Little Way of
Saint Therese of Lisieux: Into the Arms of Love,
by John Nelson.
Therese--who died of tuberculosis at age 24 and was canonized less than 30
years later--was an unassuming woman who found great joy in her littleness.
This volume promises to be refreshing spiritual nourishment.

The Psychopath Test: A
Journey Through the Madness Industry,
by Jon Ronson. Ronson's recent
appearance on The Daily Show piqued my curiosity about the world of psychopaths,
which apparently intersects with that of the rest of us in more instances than
we realize.

Jesus in Beijing: How
Christianity Is Transforming China And Changing the Global Balance of Power,

by David Aikman. I've read conflicting news reports about Christianity in
China, and I've had piecemeal personal experience in both state-sponsored and
unregistered churches. I hope to get a fuller picture of the situation via
Aikman's investigation.

Jayber Crow, by
Wendell Berry. A friend described this novel as "slow but mesmerizing." Sounds
exactly right for a relaxing summer read.

The Chronicles of Narnia series, by C. S. Lewis. You're
never too old to revisit Narnia--or to read it aloud, which is what my husband
and I plan to do along our summer travels.

Liuan Huska

Liuan Huska is author of Hurting Yet Whole: Reconciling Body and Spirit in Chronic Pain and Illness.

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