Emilie Townes's runners-up

October 14, 2010

Suppose someone who hasn't been keeping up with theology for the past 25 years now wants to read the most important books written during that time. What five titles would you suggest?

We posed this question to eight theologians and published their responses in our fall books issue. Of course, it's hard to narrow a list down to just five titles—so a couple of them passed along some additional choices as well. We're posting these runners-up here on the blog.

Emilie M. Townes teaches at Yale and wrote Breaking the Fine Rain of Death. Here are her top five picks:

Katie Geneva Cannon, Katie's Canon

Charles H. Long, Significations

Peter J. Paris, The Spirituality of African Peoples

Larry L. Rasmussen, Earth Community, Earth Ethics

Kathryn Tanner, Jesus, Humanity and the Trinity

For her comments, see the magazine article. Here are three additional selections from Townes:

James H. Cone, God of the Oppressed

Tex Sample, Earthy Mysticism: Spirituality for Unspiritual People

Laurel C. Schneider, Beyond Monotheism: A Theology of Multiplicity

See more theologians' top choices. What would be your picks?