On the Shelf

Eugene Peterson's new memoir, The Pastor, will be out in February (Century subscribers can read the excerpt from the book in the February 8 issue.) If any pastor has claimed the vocation, it's Peterson, who has grounded and inspired pastors for many years with books that include Under the Unpredictable Plant and The Contemplative Pastor.
January 28, 2011
I'd like to see this award-winning journalist's book read by all Christians--from evangelicals who believe that their life's calling is to save souls to those Christians who, while denouncing proselytizing, feel called to offer compassionate, practical aid to those who need help. For either of the above missionary types, Griswold dispels illusions. She is fearless in following a story into the most remote village, and wise in her understanding of how religions collide and inflame and exacerbate volatile situations.
November 17, 2010