On the Shelf

The term "summer reading" conjures up leisurely days immersed in fiction. I have a few items in that pile.
June 30, 2011
Up until now, my ideas about summer reading were driven largely by guilt. My bookshelf is packed to the gills with books that I "should" read:  books people have given me and I need to return, or books that have been sitting there so long, I have given myself ultimatums--either read this or get rid of it.
June 28, 2011
Musicophilia, by Oliver Sacks. This promises to be a fascinating, in-depth account of the physiological/psychological/emotive effects music has on us.
June 24, 2011
The Little Way of Saint Therese of Lisieux: Into the Arms of Love, by John Nelson. Therese--who died of tuberculosis at age 24 and was canonized less than 30 years later--was an unassuming woman who found great joy in her littleness. This volume promises to be refreshing spiritual nourishment.
June 23, 2011
Gary Dorrien's spring Century article, which argued for economic as well as political democracy, whetted my appetite for the book that part of it was adapted from: Economy, Difference, Empire: Social Ethics for Social Justice.
June 22, 2011
I have two major reading projects that I'll be continuing in tandem this summer. They may sound like polar opposites, but I find them to be quite similar.
June 21, 2011