A blessing to the world (John 1:43-51; Epiphany 2B)

Jesus quotes the Jacob’s ladder story in Genesis.
January 15, 2021

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In this week’s Gospel reading we see Jesus the Son of Humanity, who serves as the intersection between God and all humans. I wrote about this in my magazine column on this text.

We also see Jesus quoting Genesis 28:12, in which Jacob sees “the angels of God...ascending and descending” on a ladder. After that God reminds Jacob that “all the families of the earth shall be blessed in you and in your offspring.”

So as we continue to reflect upon the advent of Jesus into our world, our hearts, and our communities, I want to ask: How have all of the families of the earth been blessed by you and your offspring?

I know this seems like such a large question. I also know that we do not possess God’s knowledge to know exactly how others benefit from our presence.

Yet I think it’s worth thinking about the times when someone has spoken to you about your presence as a blessing. Take a moment and remember. How has God, through God’s permissive will, allowed you to be a blessing to others?

Have you remembered? In the process, have you re-membered yourself as a part of the body of Christ who is called to do the will of God?

As we all continue on in the year of 2021, my hope and prayer is that we continue to be a part of God’s divine connectivity in a world that experiences adverse fragmentation. May God’s peace be with us all as we do God’s will!