Only 1% of women miscarry three or more times. In 50–75% of these cases, no medical cause can be found.
         —The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

At first a mistake, now a willful, recurrent error:
             I mistranslate the Spanish

on medicine labels to mean “Pregnant?”
             though it means “Questions?”

Yes, I’m pregnant with questions. The words equate
             no matter the language.

I’ve sown flesh of my flesh but reaped only mystery
             with its low fog of grief.

An irony of fruitfulness: I bear questions like choice figs
             while answers hide

like Nathanael under the branches. God, you see through,
             but do not translate.

I call your number in the morning; you call back
             with psalms, David crying

“Why?” in one breath and singing wonders
             in another.