End times

April 20, 2022

What if the Second Coming
has already come,
and those fearful faces,
expecting judgment to rain down
from the tormenting skies
(lifting the raptured
and leaving the rest of us behind),
had it all wrong?

Time is an illusion,
physicists say.
Everything that ever
has been or will be,
is happening right now.
Is it too much to hope
that Love is still with us;
to believe that soft
and sweet-scented child
lying peacefully in a manger,
among the angels and animals,
still reaches out,
longing to hold and feed us;
still waits to light this
pitch-black winter of our souls?

Maybe the dawn of Love
is as real and omnipresent
as the spreading darkness.
Maybe the judgment has already come
and we have been found not perfect,
but at least worth
a second chance.