Famed communicator Jean-Jacques Baus­wein dies at 78

Jean-Jacques Baus­wein, one of the founders of the news service Ecumenical News International, died on March 30. He was 78.

Bauswein, a Lu­th­eran pastor born in Strasbourg, France, was dedicated to both ecumenism and communications throughout his career. From 1972 to 1981, he served as the French and German press officer for the World Council of Churches. For 15 years, he led the John Knox International Reform Center in Geneva, Switzerland—a hostel and meeting space for religious and humanitarian organizations around the world.

It was as a representative of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches that Bauswein helped start Ecumenical News International in 1994. He served as a member of ENI’s advisory board and, eventually, as president of the ENI association.