Flood, followed by a rainbow

January 23, 2017

What God promised, really, was art.                                               
To invent hip hop.                 Or Elvis.

When God said, “Let there be light,”
God meant, “Don’t be scared of the explosion.”

If things should ever fall apart—
and all things are falling apart—

they will crumble unpredictable.
God looked at Noah and said:

Shiva is onto something.
Noah said: Who is Shiva?

God said to Ham: Come get your dad.
He’s had a long 40 days. Noah slurred

and counted out the wrong change.
Ham said to God: I had a girl back home.

In the past.
God went to get a mop.

Swept away the puke.
Forgave the whole mess.

Ham did not. Thought  the first world was as beautiful.
Tucked his father into bed while Noah babbled at God:

I saw the light. The next morning
the rainbow hung over it all.

Ham said to Noah:
Come get your God.

Noah said he forgot
everything. Eventually

they stopped
speaking to each other.