Christmas Eve shows compete for viewers: Two specials produced under NCC auspices

December 27, 2005

Two Christmas Eve specials produced under the auspices of the National Council of Churches will compete with one another at 11:30 p.m. December 24 on CBS and ABC.

On CBS, Bishop Thomas L. Hoyt Jr., the outgoing NCC president, will replace David Letterman. Hoyt will preach to 1,500 worshipers in Jackson, Mississipi, at Black’s Chapel Missionary Baptist Church.

On ABC, Joy to the World, a mix of music and praise produced for the National Council by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, will replace ABC’s Nightline for one night.

Since air times may vary in some cities, viewers are urged to check listings by the local ABC and CBS affiliates. If shown simultaneously, there is always the video tape recorder.

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